What Did My Loved One Who Died by Suicide Experience?

The Moment of Death

Let’s start with a mystical perspective of suicide which answers the question, “What did my loved one who died by suicide experience the moment of their death?”

A US News and World survey done in 1997 shows that 15 million Americans who had died and then been resuscitated in a hospital reported having a near-death experience.

In 2022, the estimation is 19 million.

In the US, every day, 774 hospital patients tell their nurse they just had a near-death experience. That includes 1 in 10 cardiac arrest patients.

Suicides are no different. People who experience suicide have the same exact near-death experiences as everyone else. We know this through hospital documentation and medical research. Regardless of how traumatic or violent their chosen method of ending of their life, they have an immediate sense of peace at the time of death, a sense of separation from the body, a sense of entering into darkness, seeing a bright light, a sense of entering the light… a heightened sense of appreciation of life, especially of the world of nature and of other people.

Many people meet loving spiritual beings who welcome them including their deceased loved ones, pets, angels, and God.

History of Near Death Experiences

Reports of near-death experiences date back to the Ice Age. There are cave paintings in France and Spain.

Historical figures such as Carl Jung, Thomas Edison, and Ernest Hemingway have reported their own near-death experiences.
Near-death experiences have been recorded in folklore, religious, and social writings in Native America, Tibet, Japan, Melanesia, Micronesia, Egypt, China, India, Africa, Australia, and Europe.
It’s documented in The Tibetan Book of the Dead which dates back to the 8th century.

Scientific Explanation

Let’s move on to the scientific explanation which will answer the question, “were they in pain?”

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