When Your Mother Abandons You

When Mother Abandons a Child

This video, “When Your Mother Abandons You,” discusses the emotional impact of being abandoned by one’s mother and offers support and encouragement for healing and moving forward. Pastor Vicky emphasizes the importance of seeking support, acknowledging that the mother’s actions are not a reflection of one’s worth. She encourages viewers to prioritize their own well-being and focus on living their own lives and fulfilling their own potential.


First, Pastor Vicky shares a conversation with Cher, who is struggling with her mother’s rejection. Vicky reflects on the deep bond between a mother and a child, questioning why someone would have a child only to abandon them. She emphasizes that the role of a mother is to help their child grow and eventually become independent, urging them to focus on themselves and their own dreams. The analogy of a baby sea lion being abandoned by its mother is used to illustrate this point, highlighting that mothers instinctively know when it’s time to step back and let their child shine.

She then encourages Cher to stop seeking the love and approval that her mother cannot provide and instead concentrate on living her own life and fulfilling her own potential.

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