A Thanksgiving Bible Story by Vicky Lee

Jesus Attends Thanksgiving Dinner

In “A Thanksgiving Bible Story by Vicky Lee,” Pastor Vicky tells the story of Jesus being invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at a rich person’s house. The guests include lepers and a sex worker who comes and weeps, using her hair to wipe Jesus’ feet.

Opinions and Judgments

The host and the other guests are shocked and uncomfortable, but Jesus sees the beauty in her actions and declares her as his friend. Pastor Vicky emphasizes that people’s opinions and judgments are not always true reflections of who we are, and that God’s truth is what truly matters. She highlights how Jesus saw the woman’s heart and beauty amidst societal judgments.

Personal Truth

Next, Pastor Vicky explores the concept of personal truth and how it relates to God’s perspective. She emphasizes that other people’s opinions and perceptions do not define one’s truth, but rather, one’s truth exists in the present moment. She encourages viewers to focus on the highest possibility and to let go of past stories and resentments.

She highlights that God is not bound by our past and enjoys forgiving and forgetting. God is constantly creating new experiences and opportunities in our lives.

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