Is Bigger Better in Relationships? No! The Key is Chemistry.

Bigger Is Better, Right?

We live in a culture where bigger is better. But actually, balance is better. Why?

When you go to combine two different elements, they better be in balance— or else instead of unity and oneness, you get conflict and war.

In romantic relationships, it doesn’t matter if you or your partner are strong or weak. It matters if you are balanced. When you combine a strong masculine energy with a strong feminine energy, you get loud co-creation. When you combine a weak masculine energy with a weak feminine energy, you get quiet harmony.

It doesn’t matter if you are weak or strong, if you’re balanced, the ecosystem supports love. 

If you are not in balance, the ecosystem smothers you in your relationship. When the masculine energy overpowers the feminine energy, you get misogyny. Where every time the man and the woman come together, the woman is getting stamped down. When the feminine energy overpowers the masculine energy, you get emasculation. Where every time the man and the woman come together, the man has to shut up and take a back seat.

You want to balance the energies before you combine them. 

If they are not balanced, the combination is poisonous. 

If they are balanced, the combination is powerful. 

How come there’s no neutral in between— there’s just poisonous or powerful? 

Because anytime you are in a romance or even a profound parent-child or co-creative work partnership— there is going to be chemistry. Chemistry means that one element reacts to the other. It’s not neutral. There’s a reaction! 

That’s why you get into a relationship, because sparks fly, right? 

In chemistry, combining two reactive elements— balance is key.

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