Mommies of Serial Killers Are So Surprised!

Mommy Brain is real

Mommy Brain is real. That’s probably why we have an overpopulation problem on the planet. All these mommies are making sure their children stay alive.

Mommy Brain can only see perfection

Mommy Brain can only see perfection. They see their child as perfect, no matter what. I don’t even know why they interview mothers of serial killers, because the mothers are always like, “he was an eerily quite child, but other than that he was perfect.”


“You didn’t notice that he has red eyeballs?”

“I think his eyes are lovely”

“What about the mask?”

“Oh, he sleeps with that to correct his overbite.”

“Yeah, remind me not to hire you as my marketing director.”

Mommy Brain can only see how you’re perfect. It cannot see how you’re not perfect even for serial killers. For this reason, Mommy Brain is absolutely fearless.

Mommies are fearless

Here’s a story that a spiritual teacher told me when I was studying in an Ashram in India:

Once in United States news went around that a serial killer was hunting down a lot of people and people were warned against entertaining strangers in their homes. Totally oblivious of all this was an old lady who lived in the suburbs all by herself. It was a rainy evening and all of a sudden someone walked through her door.

Woken from her peaceful slumber on her arm chair, the old lady noticed a man standing in front of her dripping wet and armed with a baseball bat. She looked at him through the candle light and said ‘Son, you must be cold and wet, go warm yourself by the fire.”

The man was confused for a few moments but dropped his baseball bat and sat near the fire place.

The lady said “You must be awfully hungry son, go into the kitchen and help yourself.”

He hogged the food that lay on the table and ran out into the night with the baseball bat in his hand. He ran across the street and broke into the next house. As they screamed in terror, he beat them up. Here was a maniacal serial killer, yet he did not hurt the old lady. Yet shortly afterwards, this serial killer killed the immediate neighbors.

Why? She was being a MOMMY.

You are a Mommy

Mommies have this certain aura around them. You. Just. Don’t…. mess with a mommy. You don’t challenge them.

You don’t have to be a female with children to be a mommy. Whether you are a man, old, young, single with no kids— you have had Mommy Brain at some point in your life. Think back on a moment in your life— when you were absolutely fearless.

What do you think? Journal it now or post a comment below.

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