New Kind of Church Where God Is One Of Us

A New Kind of Church

Pastor Vicky welcomes visitors to a new kind of church where the concept of God is portrayed in a different way than traditional churches. Instead of a distant figure on a pedestal, God is seen as one of us, seated among the people and even present on a Zoom call.

God is One and All of Us

This church emphasizes the idea that God invites everyone to be a co-creator, a co-leader, and a best friend. Pastor Vicky encourages the congregation to embrace their own divinity and elevate their consciousness together, becoming the kings and queens of their own lives. The God in this church is portrayed as a loving and vulnerable presence who shares in all of life’s experiences, celebrating every aspect of who we are.

You Are Worthy

Unlike traditional churches, which may emphasize unworthiness, this church encourages its members to recognize their own worthiness, as the God who lives within them is deserving of living their lives.

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