Top Documented Cases of Lazarus Syndrome (Miracles)

What is Lazarus Syndrome?

Lazarus Syndrome is a medical term named after Lazarus of Bethany, whom Jesus raised from the dead, four days after he died.

According to medical science, Lazarus Syndrome, is the spontaneous return to LIFE after failed efforts to resuscitate them. That means when someone is declared clinically dead— dead dead dead— they have no pulse, no heartbeat, they tried to do CPR, it didn’t work. The body is getting stiff, cold and hard. It’s already turned blue. Everybody’s crying. They cover the body with a sheet, lift it onto a gurney, place the body in a freezer at the morgue and then after a while— the person starts banging on the freezer door cuz they are suddenly ALIVE.

That’s known in the medical field as Lazarus Syndrome.

As advanced as medical technology is— researchers have no idea what the causes of Lazarus syndrome are.

They have some theories like maybe the dead people drank a lot of Red Bull prior to their deaths— and it finally kicks in later, after they die. But that theory has been shot down multiple times— mostly by Red Bull— who denies that their drink causes spontaneous cardiopulmonary resuscitation, because for legal reasons they don’t want that associated with their brand.

Instead of Red Bull— they’ll be known as Zombie Bull. And they don’t wanna be the Zombie drink.

The Top 4 Cases of Lazarus Syndrome

Since 1982, there have been 65 documented cases of people coming back from the dead.

The top 4 cases of Lazarus Syndrome are:

4. Velma Thomas of Nitro, West Virginia

In 2008, Velma Thomas, age 59, had a heart attack at home and was rushed to the hospital. ABC News reports that she was brain dead for 17 hours. So they took her off life support and she died.

Her son, Tim, said “her skin had already started hardening, her hands and toes were curling up.” You know at the hospital they need to ask you what you want to do with the body— so her son is trying to make funeral arrangements, and… his mother wakes up.

3. Walter Williams from Mississippi

In 2014, Walter Williams, 78 years old, was pronounced dead and woke up inside a body bag at the morgue. He had died the day before.

Eddie, his nephew said, “I stood there and watched them put him in a body bag and zipped it up.” His body goes to the funeral home and the next day, he’s kicking inside of the body bag and the funeral director, Ryan Porter, has the shock of his life—

Nope. Not gonna embalm him. Just say sorry, we’re gonna refund your deposit, do you need me to call you an Uber… or get you some pants?

2. George Rodonaia, a neuropathologist in Georgia, Russia

In 1976, the KGB was assigned to assassinate George Rodonaia, a 20 year old neuropathologist in Georgia, Russia because he was making valuable scientific discoveries about the brain— and wanted to flee to the United States.

To stop him from leaving the country, a KGB agent ran him over with a car. Now, the assignment was just to like ding him, injure him— don’t let him leave the country. But they accidentally killed him. Oops.

So he’s dead.

For three days, his body was in a freezer in the morgue. On the 3rd day, the doctors take his body out of the freezer and start the autopsy. As soon as they put the knife in his chest, he wakes up screaming. The doctors are screaming, he’s screaming, everybody’s screaming.

The Russian newspaper— this is 1976— covers the whole incident. There’s a documentary on Youtube if you want to watch it.

George has to prove that he was dead for three days— because the doctors are like, maybe he was sleeping, maybe he was in coma. But no— his spirit was floating outside of his dead body hanging around his family.

He floated around and saw his wife, picking out a grave for him at the cemetery. In her head, she was making a list. She was considering several men who could potentially be her next husband. So in her head, she had a little checklist of all their qualifications and she was scoring them, and the highest score I guess would be her final pick.

When George came back from the dead, he told her what she was thinking. She didn’t write any of it down. It was all in her head. She was so freaked out, she didn’t talk to him for a year and she slept in a separate bedroom.

Which brings us to #1.

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